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portable cooling

Breathtaking portable cooling performance regardless of hot ambient air temperature or humidity

Worldwide patented 3 stage portable cooling

State of the art one phase super save energy 90% compressor  for freezing the water reservoir

chilled water flowing on evaporator pads +

+chilled cold water coils for extra cold air output

successful portable cooling for any climate need

Tall portable cooling units with the correct height not to blow at people faces or dinner tables + Air Stratification

Our advanced engineered portable cooling units have the correct height & unique product features to cool the air from the ground up so it only cools the needed space as opposed to traditional roof mounted units that need to cool the entire air space.

Automated cold airflow grilles for the perfect natural portable cooling for any space


multi directional 4 way automated

Precise regulation of temperature & humidity according to each environment portable cooling unique needs!

State of the art Integrated Temperature and humidity Sensors

The integrated temperature and humidity sensor  can measure the space temperature accurately and be used to control it precisely.

Inverter super quiet multi speeds portable cooling models for precise natural cooling up to 15 meters without disturbing people near by!!

State of the art multi speed quiet Inverter motors that

 can blow cold air accurately and be used to control it precisely.

Patented evaporative pads for amazing and durable portable cooling performance - need changing only after 5 years of heavy use!

- Durable cooling pad design
- Exceptionally fast moisture absorption
- High water flow and excellent dust-trap properties
- Ensuring quick, clean, high performance cooling

Hard working & Hard wearing portable cooling

COOLAIRPORTABLE products are the first choice for  tough to cool areas:

cold airflow 12 degrees Celsius at hot ambient temperatures over 45 degrees Celsius

Minimal Daily Operational portable cooling Cost

When we say, the majority of  “CoolairAustralia’s portable cooling units cool the temperature 20° or more all day long for only ONE Dollar or ONE Euro or less per day (about 1/10th the cost of standard air-conditioning),” we really mean it!  Based on a worldwide survey of  across the United States, Europe, Australia and hundreds of our customers telling us the hours they most used their CoolairAustralia’s unit(s), the average cost per day is only about  ONE Dollar or ONE Euro (based on an average 8-hour day)!

Here’s how to obtain the cost to run your CoolairAustralia portable cooling unit all day in any country:

(Below example for USA market)

1.Call your local power company and get the price of a kilowatt hour (or check your last electric company bill).Example: 0.15739=1 kW hour

2.Multiply by COOLAIR use at .56 kW/hr.0.15739 X 0.76 = 0.08813

3.Multiply times 8 hour day (average use)0.08813 X 8 hrs. = 0.7051

4.Call your local water company for water cost.Example: 2.57 = 1000 gallons

5.Cost of 100 gallons = 0.1370.257 X 10% = 0.0257

6.At 5 gallons per hour, multiply for 8 hours.0.0257 X 40% (40 gallons) = 0.0102

7.Total.0.7051 + 0.0102 = 0.7153 or 72¢

The  average for 22 cities and towns in the United States is 72¢ per day!

Portable Cooling Product Range

The best premium portable cooling units that are the ultimate in design, performance, and durability.

Our product range includes: portable air conditions, portable Chillers, portable Coolers w/freezing, portable evaporative air coolers. 3000 chm up to 36,000 chm airflow Axial or centrifugal fan, 30 different models to choose from according to installation or budget requirement.

UNPARALLELED Design & Installation Portable Cooling ASSISTANCE

100% satisfaction - Zero error Guaranteed

CoolairAustralia’s Engineers have supplied and installed more portable cooling systems in restaurants, hotels, warehouses, schools,and Stadiums than any other company in the World.

The World’s Leader In Save Energy Solutions

Factory Certified Installation  

5 YEAR Worldwide Extended Guarantee!!

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