Breathtaking portable cooling performance regardless of hot ambient air temperature or humidity

Tall portable cooling units with the correct height not to blow at people faces or dinner tables + Air Stratification

Automated cold airflow grilles for the perfect natural portable cooling for any space

Precise regulation of temperature & humidity according to each environment portable cooling unique needs!

Inverter super quiet multi speeds portable cooling models for precise natural cooling up to 15 meters without disturbing people near by!!

Patented evaporative pads for amazing and durable portable cooling performance - need changing only after 5 years of heavy use!

Hard working & Hard wearing portable cooling

Here’s how to obtain the cost to run your CoolairAustralia portable cooling unit all day in any country:

(Below example for USA market)

1.Call your local power company and get the price of a kilowatt hour (or check your last electric company bill).Example: 0.15739=1 kW hour

2.Multiply by COOLAIR use at .56 kW/hr.0.15739 X 0.76 = 0.08813

3.Multiply times 8 hour day (average use)0.08813 X 8 hrs. = 0.7051

4.Call your local water company for water cost.Example: 2.57 = 1000 gallons

5.Cost of 100 gallons = 0.1370.257 X 10% = 0.0257

6.At 5 gallons per hour, multiply for 8 hours.0.0257 X 40% (40 gallons) = 0.0102

7.Total.0.7051 + 0.0102 = 0.7153 or 72¢

The  average for 22 cities and towns in the United States is 72¢ per day!

CoolairAustralia’s Engineers have supplied and installed more portable cooling systems in restaurants, hotels, warehouses, schools,and Stadiums than any other company in the World.

The World’s Leader In Save Energy Solutions

Factory Certified Installation  

5 YEAR Worldwide Extended Guarantee!!