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We have all over-used the planet. The result is too much CO2 in the atmosphere. This is leading to Global Warming. So the climate needs fixing.

The need to limit Global Warming to 2°C was agreed by World leaders in December 2015. But the action is too slow. We must act now.

The effects of Climate Change are already with us and getting worse – CO2 is now over 400ppm and needs to be less than 350 ppm in order to achieve between 1.5 and 2°C.

We simply cannot continue to keep doing what we are doing now.

Climate Change may become irreversible if we do not act fast and on a massive scale.

The situation is urgent. We must stop adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.The world is on track for 4C global warming – not 2C. What would you like to start doing in order to cut CO2 by 5% per year?

“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it”Barack Obama



You Decide. What sort of World do you want for you, your family, for your children, your grandchildren and for wildlife? Because most people want things as they are or better. And if possible to provide a better life for their children and their children’s children. And to protect wild animals. The problem is all hopes are at risk of being derailed by climate change. The fact is that to date there is no plan to achieve the agreed 2oC limit to global warming, so as a result we are at risk of 4oC of global warming. As a result, we are at risk of catastrophic climate change: rising sea levels, both flooding and extreme heat and droughts, leading to parts of the world becoming uninhabitable, crop failures, and tens of millions of climate refugees – which may wreck the futures of your children, the planet, and all wild animals. Global warming of 4oC also risks triggering further global warming such as the release of methane currently frozen in permafrost, which could cause unpredictable and irreversible changes to our planet.


Be aware of your CO2. Because CO2 is causing Global Warming, which is causing climate change. World leaders agreed in Paris in December 2015 to to limit global warming to 2oC. To hit this 2oC target will require big reductions in CO2 so that by around 2050, the World achieves Net Zero CO2 emissions – ie the CO2 we emit is in balance with the rate at which CO2 can be absorbed naturally by the trees and oceans: Check out this from Saving Our Planet: 5 Facts Everyone Needs to Know About Climate Change.


How much CO2 is in that? If people are to reduce their CO2, then people need to understand more about the CO2 element of what they buy, and how much CO2 they create. We each create CO2. How much depends where you live: in the UK we each create around 9 Tonnes per year, in the US around 20 Tonnes per year, and in rural Africa eg Kenya around 5 Tonnes. It is the responsibility to deal with this. Air travel is extra. For example, an Economy Class return flight for one person from the UK to Rome is around 0.25 Tonnes, to New York is around 1 Tonne of CO2 return, and to the Far East around 2 Tonnes per person.


Its your CO2: Stop what you can. Compensate for what you can’t. Its our CO2, so it is up to each of us to deal with this. There is no point in creating CO2 unnecessarily and wastefully, so we should each do what we can to stop CO2 including reduce, reuse, recycle, and take fewer flights. What’s the easiest way to compensate for your CO2? Saving Our Planet are launching N0CO2 – an exciting campaign so everyone to join in to fight climate change: remove your CO2, reach out to others, and join in.


Involve others. What CO2 you can reduce yourself is good. But if you reach out and inform and inspire others, then you can make a much bigger impact on climate change.


Teach yourself climate change: about the situation, risks, scenarios, solutions, and the way forward:

The real truth about climate change. See:


Ask for the low CO2 option. We are all consumers. We each make decisions every day about energy use: in the home, for the community, or at work. Its time for us to make a difference: Always ask for low/No CO2 option. For example: your Energy Suppliers, Travel agents and Airlines – do they offer schemes to compensate for your CO2?


Support the shift away from high CO2 emitting coal, oil and gas, which currently provides around 80% of the world’s energy, to low/no CO2 alternatives such as energy from the the sun, wind, hydro, waves, plants, underground heat and also from nuclear if necessary to hit the 2oC target.


Support measures to prevent the release of CO2, and to increase the CO2 we remove from the air. It is important for us to support the regulation of CO2 emissions, to preventing the destruction of rainforests, to protect the Arctic and Antarctic and all habitats. And to plant more trees, particularly to re-establish areas that we previously forested.


Support action by others who are fighting climate change. There are lots of organisations and businesses who are also taking action to fight climate change, with new products and services which reduce and remove CO2 being released all the time. Others are supporting research into new forms of energy, into improving energy efficiency, and into Carbon Capture and Storage. What is important is that these need our support, even if they are a bit more expensive, because until well established they are at risk from incumbent but higher CO2 existing businesses.

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