Australia isn't on track to meet its 2030 emissions target, UN report says

December 7, 2018


Australia is not on track to meet its 2030 emissions reduction targets and global greenhouse gas emissions are showing no signs of peaking, a new UN report has warned.


In its annual emissions gap report, which looks at the gap between carbon reduction policies countries have in place and what is required to keep global warming to well below 2C, the UN says global emissions have reached record highs.


It warns that about half of the G20 countries, including Australia, will fall short of meeting their nationally determined contributions under the Paris agreement and, even if they do meet them, they are still not ambitious enough to restrict warming to the levels needed.


“Current commitments expressed in the NDCs are inadequate to bridge the emissions gap in 2030,” the report warns.


“Technically, it is still possible to bridge the gap to ensure global warming stays well below 2C and 1.5C, but if NDC ambitions are not increased before 2030, exceeding the 1.5C goal can no longer be avoided.”