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about us

About us

At Coolairaustralia we are rule breakers by nature.  We disrupt, innovate, and feel damn good about it.

We think outside of the norm, we experiment, defy traditional thinking and turn things upside down!!!

We have more than 100   engineers and our R&D facility is dedicated to testing air movement on a grand scale.


We speak to our customers directly to understand and solve their problems. But mostly it comes from an insatiable drive to improve, engineer, design, test, re-engineer, re-design and re-test until we get it just right—and then start all over again. We don’t do things half-way; we always go full way and beyond for improving our products!!!

“We are not in the business of having 100,000 mediocre HVAC installations.  We want 10,000 that are phenomenal and want to make whoever do business with us extremely satisfied.”

Anthony Davidson, Director CoolairAustralia – Australia

our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, Director coolairaustralia

Origin of our Company’s name, our philosophy for innovation and our prominent outdoor product’s culture:

our commitment to sustainability

In a sense, Australia is a creation of human ingenuity. Of the six inhabited continents, Australia is the driest. Except for a tropical belt in the north and some temperate areas in the southeast, the entire place is a desert.

The fact that 22 million people can inhabit the continent is a tribute to engineers, who have figured out a way to extract enough water out of the ground and collect it in enough reservoirs to allow Australians to grow tomatoes and take hot showers whenever they please.

More than 80% of Australians are living 50 km or less from the coast. Backyards, barbecues, beach and bush  –Australians are known around the world as lovers of the great outdoors.  Much social life in Australia is based around food and drink. There is a thriving outdoor culture throughout Australia, even in some small towns.

Inspired by: Australia’s harsh climatic conditions, the Australian constant survival need for energy freedom in remote areas & the Australia’s outdoor culture…

Our team of airflow specialists & engineers are constantly looking for ways to make the everyday Heating, Cooling & Ventilation products stronger, more energy efficient and portable enough to create the indoor micro climate environment to the outdoor environment whilst giving every single product that we produce  a more robust structure to withstand successfully even the harshest Australian conditions; hence be applied & sold successfully everywhere on planet earth!

Established in 1975, Cool Air Australia quickly grew to be the global leader of creating outdoor micro climates in extreme cooling & heating settings. We aren’t just selling you our fit –  everywhere cooling & heating products, we are giving you an invitation to our party- a starter cooling & heating kit for a new Aussie lifestyle.  Cool Air Australia’s products isn’t a strike-at-the-wind attempt to get rich, it’s the background music to a never-ending journey.  Infusing Aussie life, style and functionality into a every single Cooling & Heating product that we design, produce & distribute!

Our Company:

Around the Globe we provide save energy solutions

Nowadays Cool Air Australia Corp. is a multinational company that specializes in the international level of manufacturing & distribution of save energy cooling & heating systems. We manufacture, sell, install & service more save energy systems than any other commercial HVAC company in the industry, with more than 100 locations worldwide and partner factories around the globe, we are proud to provide many exclusive benefits to our institutional and commercial clients.

Our team consists of many engineers, designers and airflow specialists, who are committed & inspired by our company’s origin, to bring a new approach to solutions of worldwide challenges. Our independent minds help to improve your business and world living environment to fulfill principles of sustainable growth.

Around the globe, Cool Air Australia helps industries and business to manage, optimise and make the most of their resources.  The company provides an array of solutions related to water, energy and materials – with a focus on waste & energy recovery – to promote the transition toward a circular economy & a freedom for energy!

At Cool Air Australia, the pairing of top-flight engineers with High quality products that can withstand successfully even the harshest Australian conditions, transforms the customers into partners, the transactions into experiences and a product into a lifetime investment!

Our Environmental Commitment:

Our Environmental Commitment extends well beyond our walls to our communities and the marketplace. Coolair Australia Corp is the only SAVE ENERGY company in the world to contribute 10% of its annual net profits to environmental non profit organizations & societies that care and foster for the world’s environment.

Our Partner Factories: Code of Conduct:

we put our values into action wherever we do business

At Cool Air Australia, we strive to put our values into action wherever we do business. That means considering the wellbeing of the 7,500 craftspeople that make our products at more than 30 factories around the world.

We don’t control the practices of factories that we don’t own, but we do insist they strictly comply with our Global Compliance principles. This helps to ensure that every facility creates high- Top quality products with zero defect in a way that respects the environment and the human rights of the people who make them.

Cool Air Australia has a long-standing history of ensuring that our products are produced by suppliers that provide fair, safe, and non-discriminatory workplaces, without harm to workers, the community, or environment. We first developed our Code of Conduct in 1999.


Since then, we have employed a dedicated team to monitor factory conditions, work with suppliers on remediation efforts, and go beyond factory walls to improve workers’ lives.

Ensuring that the thousands of people worldwide who make our products have fair and safe workplaces is part of our commitment to running a responsible business. We believe it makes for a better workforce and better business—besides the fact it’s simply the right thing to do.

Our Branches:

Our Branches consistently improve their performance through customer focused programs and providing highest value to our customers. Keeping that goal in mind,

 We Offer 24 hours round the clock service to our customers
 Maintain adequate spare parts and equipment inventory to meet our customer needs
 Deliver parts to the customer sites
 Monitor the functioning of air conditioning equipment through remote monitoring system 24 hours the functioning of air conditioning equipment through remote monitoring system.

Our Experts:

Even our experts will make you feel more comfortable.

Which heating and cooling system is best suited for where I live? Is my business wasting energy? And how good is my indoor air quality, anyway? Knowing all the answers would improve your personnel or customer comfort, your utility bills and even your health. But let’s face it, you’re no HVAC expert. Fortunately, we can help.

Our experts will make you feel good

Done. Right. Guaranteed.


CoolairAustralia’s Factory Authorized Experts have earned their distinction—it’s not “given” to them. And it’s not about what they are, but what they’ve done and continue to do: they go to work and get the job done.


CoolairAustralia’s Factory Authorized Experts take pride in doing the job right…and it’s this performance that we recognize. At CoolairAustralia Corporation, we know that how you ultimately feel (in your home and about the CoolairAustralia brand equipment) has a lot to do with the dealer’s performance. That’s why we evaluate not only how well they can take care of your home comfort system, but also how well they take care of you as a customer. You’ll benefit from work that is done…


Your CoolairAustralia’s Factory Authorized Expert has met CoolairAustralia’s rigid criteria and close scrutiny for the quality of their products, knowledge and service. We are so confident that you will be comfortable—not only with your CoolairAustralia’s heating and cooling products, but with your CoolairAustralia’s Factory Authorized Expert—that we back it up in writing with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your CoolairAustralia’s equipment within one year of the installation date, your CoolairAustralia’s Factory Authorized Expert will correct the problem or remove the equipment and refund your purchase price. Ask us for a copy of the guarantee for details and limitations.

The fact that you’re either already working with—or considering working with—a CoolairAustralia’s Factory Authorized Expert says that you demand superior quality and you expect excellent service. Period. Well, you’re in the right place, because so do we. CoolairAustralia’s Factory Authorized Experts: Done. Right. Guaranteed.

Our Service that you will actually

enjoying dealing with:

When you call us, we’ll answer. No hanging out on hold for days, no third-party call centers, just a real person who works here, right away.

We’re in-house. We know these products inside and out, and we have access to everyone involved: we sit right around the corner from the engineers who designed them, just downstairs from the people who sold them, and we can head down the street to meet up with the people who made and shipped them.

We’ve been there. Our department includes electricians, installers, programmers, IT pros and production gurus, so we know exactly what you’re dealing with and we know how to help.

You get a single point of contact and a direct line to that person. That means you don’t have to explain yourself four or five times to four or five people.

We’ll make it right. We don’t believe in scripts, decision trees or giving people the runaround—if you’re our customer and you have an issue, we’re going to fix it. Period.


You get a dedicated CoolairAustralia’s project manager, available during and after the install to answer any questions and be at your beck and call.

It’s worry-free. With our turnkey installation, you don’t have to lift a finger—our factory-trained teams handle the entire process, so you can concentrate on your business.

It’s faster and easier. Installing CoolairAustralia’s products is all our install teams do, so they’re going to be better, faster and more efficient than anybody else.

You get the VIP package, like extended warranties (up to 15 years!), complete rebate administration for parts, and 100% peace of mind.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to constantly provide innovative save energy systems with competitive pricing for the benefit of our children, our planet & the enterprises that drive our economy.

We are committed to continuously improve the save energy performance of our products, services, operations and culture to help achieve a save energy society and protect the natural environment for our children.

We are committed to constantly re invest in our company’s r&d research for developing new and more efficient save energy systems.

We are aiming to be a global, leading green company that contributes to the creation of a more affluent and better society. We will continue to put sustainability/green changes into practice as a way of changing our own actions and changing society to be more eco-conscious.

global leading green company

Our Service Guarantee:

Our Service Guarantee provides many exclusive benefits to our institutional and commercial clients:

100@ satisfaction guarantee
 Asset Management Reporting
 Proactive HA VAC Maintenance & Replacement
 Certified Repair Service, 24/7/365

Our Product Guarantee:

 Five year full product Guarantee
 Five year compressor Guarantee
 Ten year Solar panel Guarantee

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