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Our Services


Green House Consulting

At CoolairAustralia, we work collaboratively with owners, architects, and engineers to help create high performance green buildings. Using our unique patented design approach, our goal is to assist in developing design solutions that result in:

  1. 65-100% SAVE ENERGY Self sufficiency results

  2. Sustainable and restorative sites

  3. Energy and water use reduction

  4. Material and resource conservation

  5. Healthy, comfortable, and productive indoor environments


By balancing functionality, formality, SAVE ENERGY economy, and environmental stewardship, we seek to optimize building performance while promoting environmental responsibility. Our projects include virtually all types of buildings: commercial, retail, institutional, industrial, company headquarters, hospital, school, and government project.

Building Performance Optimization & Construction

CoolarAustralia's products are now widely applied to wall materials of various high and low buildings such as hotel, office building, school, workshop, residence and so on. Our Save Energy products have the most reasonable performance-price ratio as a result they attract lots of customers all over the world. Our architects and engineers use a variety of advanced analysis tools to help identify opportunities to reduce energy demand, improve efficiency, and explore renewable energy strategies for new building constructions or existing ones by applying our unique SAVE ENERGY products.. Our advanced building performance services include:

  1.  Energy audits

  2. Energy analysis

  3. Energy Star certification

  4. Daylight analysis

  5. Sun control and shading analysis

  6. Building commissioning

  7. Energy measurement and verification (M&V)

  8. CFD simulation

  9. CHP rationalization

  10. Renewable energy analysis

  11. Other physical analysis customized for client

Free Save Energy Audit

Thousands of companies and building owners, are seeking for energy saving opportunities every day. By implementing energy audit, CoolarAustralia's engineers help our clients to evaluate saving opportunities, prioritize different solutions, and deliver customized proposal to maximize the Return on Investment. More specifically our engineers by using our worldwide patented products can achieve:

  1. Class A -Thermoinsulation of the external walls of the building

  2. Sufficient reduction of heating / cooling loads of the building.

  3. Sufficient reduction of lighting loads of the building

CoolairAustralia’s engineers can guarantee up to 100% energy self sufficiency of your company or building.

Specialized Air Treatment And Dehumidification Solutions

CoolairAustralia offers the most complete range of products & expertise to:

  1. Control humidity and boost system efficiency in both commercial and industrial applications.

  2. Efficiently treat makeup air and optimize energy savings. Whether the system is desiccant-based, energy recovery-based, or cooling-based, our products can handle any outside air requirement.

  3. Direct and indirect evaporative cooling technology utilizes less energy than conventional systems. Indirect heating recovers heat to use for process air and for preheating combustion air applications.

The industries we serve successfully for the past 20 years are: Restaurants, Kitchens, Hotels & multi unit buildings, Supermarkets, Athletic facilities

Specialized Outdoor Save Energy Cooling/Heating Solutions

At CoolairAustralia we offer the most complete range of products & expertise to:

  1.  Provide efficient SAVE ENERGY cooling solutions at any outdoor environment regardless of humidity or high ambient temperature setting.

  2. Efficiently provide SAVE ENERGY heating solutions at any outdoor environment regardless of low ambient temperature setting.

  3. Spot climate control with combined SAVE ENERGY cooling/heating & dehumidification to any outdoor environment regardless of ambient temperature conditions.

               The industries we serve successfully for the past 20 years are: Cafeterias, RestaurantsResorts & HotelsWedding venuesAthletic facilities

Sit Back, Relax


Let Us Handle Things

We offer Factory Certified turnkey installation. We handle the design and  installation, so you can handle the rest of your job. We work around your schedule, we’re in and out in no time, and we clean up after ourselves. All you have to worry about is—actually, scratch that, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

You get a dedicated CoolairAustralia’s  project manager, who handles every last detail of your project as soon as you get in touch with us. You get the expertise of our Engineer Experts and our Factory Certified Installation team, made up of elite, highly trained professionals who know our products inside and out—and love nothing more than installing them the right way.


Most of all, you get peace of mind knowing your install’s going to be done right the first time.


The Applications Engineering team at CoolairAustralia collects detailed data on your location and makes specific recommendations, taking into account the processes, machinery, equipment and plans for the space. The team then generates professional layouts using the latest drafting software and estimates energy savings for projects.

CoolairAustralia has more than 30 design team members on staff, with diverse backgrounds and expertise in every aspect of our business, from installation to architecture, they have the training to solve the toughest customer problems.  ready to assist you during any stage of the design process – from initial designs to final installation,  anything you need to simplify a project.


You want product customization? Just say the word. We’ve got you covered!

In addition to our standard colors, sizes, control options and cooling capacities, we are pleased to work with you in order to design one-of-a-kind portable cooling solutions for your home or business.

The finest hotels and resorts use Coolairaustralia to design custom portable cooling units and control packages that seamlessly integrate into the total design and style of their properties.


Working directly with clients, designers, architects and engineers, we can develop new portable cooling shapes, colors and profiles that are unique to your specific project.

Lounge furniture. All-weather colored umbrellas. Throw pillows. There are many ways to infuse an outdoor space with your own unique aesthetic. Now you can enjoy added cool that coordinates with your decor.

CoolairAustralia’s diverse experience and extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide a wide range of cooling solutions that meet your specific project needs. We would enjoy hearing from you and assisting you through the design of functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing fixtures and controls for your special project

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