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open innovation

Open Innovation 

At Coolairaustralia we are rule breakers by nature.  We disrupt, innovate, and feel damn good about it.

We think outside of the norm, we experiment, defy traditional thinking and turn things upside down!!!

We have more than 100   engineers and our R&D facility is dedicated to testing air movement on a grand scale.


We speak to our customers directly to understand and solve their problems. But mostly it comes from an insatiable drive to improve, engineer, design, test, re-engineer, re-design and re-test until we get it just right—and then start all over again. We don’t do things half-way; we always go full way and beyond for improving our products!!!

Give us the benefit of your ideas.

give us the benefit of your ideas

Make a contribution to new solutions: whether for products, functions, services, processes, business models, or whatever else has caught your eye.

As a leading technology and Save Energy company, we take advantage of our global opportunities for strong and meaningful development.

Innovations are essential for our

long term success.

innovations are essential for our success

At CoolairAustralia we are inventors that put our heart and soul into our creations. On behalf of our colleagues, we would like to offer you a platform for discussion – with complete fairness and respect regarding your intellectual property. Just like our founder would have done it – from inventor to inventor.


Have you invented a new product or process?

Do you have suggestions for improvements and new products in the portable cooling segment? Let’s hear them!

You apply technologies and processes in your company which could be of interest to us? You would like to offer an innovative product to us, which is already in production or still in development? We are curious! Present us your innovative solution.

We are especially interested in the following fields of technology:

  • Nanotechnology

  • Solar power

  • Wind Power

  • Magnetic refrigeration

  • Water as a refrigerant

  • Liquid desiccant air-condition

  • Portable cooling

  • Outdoor heating

  • Green building materials

  • Phase change materials

  • Insulation materials

  • Material and surface technologies

  • Manufacturing- and product technologies

You can offer them for sale or joint venture at

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