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Complete energy solution


Intellectual Patented

Energy Supply System: It can be widely applied to supply hot water, heat / cooling and power in households, schools, factories, hotel, commercial units. The whole system is operated automatically, easily and safely. Its combined structure enables flexible combination according to water amount, installation field and customers requirement. ​​Our clients include many of the world’s largest companies in the industrial, retail, real estate, and service sectors, as well as numerous independent small private developers. Projects include commercial office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, factories, multi-family residential properties and education facilities

Complete Energy Supply System

The whole system is operated automatically, easily and safely. Its combined structure enables flexible combination according to water amount, installation field and customers requirement.

The insulating water tank is equipped with electric heating device, which is set according to customers demands to meet the demand for hot water in rainy days and winter.

The system realizes the compensation of solar and electric energy and intellectualized microcomputer control to supply hot water & energy for the whole day ( 24hrs) and whole year.

The system has no waste gas during the production of heat, which complies with European and American environmental regulation and provides a clean, comfortable living and office space for the users.

We invite you to call one of our agents at your region and customize our solution to suit your exact energy needs!

Reliable product quality, Plus ensured service, Promises a smooth service of thirty years or longer.

The leading technical ceramic powder agglutination craft is adopted on the inner surface of the heat change water tank. It forms the special glaze grade, as well as super magnesium stick, which prevent the heat exchange water tank liner from producing polluting material while long time use, and the life is 10 times longer than ordinary enamel.

Solar Collector Features

Solar Flat Plate Collectors – can be installed on the roof or customized its size to be integrated in any part of the building. Especially for a new building structure we have unlimited installation methods. According to architectural structure, the collectors can be connected in series or parallel. Under the central and separate control system, the collectors will absorb the solar energy and transfer heat to our patented storage water tanks

Storage Tank Features

Electric Heating – these series of products are intellectualized designed and have assistant electric heating system. While the temperature of storage tank is lower than 42 degrees Celsius, the system automatically operates with photoelectric compensation; while the temperature is near 42 or in sunshine, it automatically turns off to make full use of solar energy.

Sit Back, Relax
Let Us Handle Things

We offer Factory Certified turnkey installation. We handle the design and  installation, so you can handle the rest of your job. We work around your schedule, we’re in and out in no time, and we clean up after ourselves. All you have to worry about is—actually, scratch that, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

You get a dedicated CoolairAustralia’s  project manager, who handles every last detail of your project as soon as you get in touch with us. You get the expertise of our Engineer Experts and our Factory Certified Installation team, made up of elite, highly trained professionals who know our products inside and out—and love nothing more than installing them the right way.


Most of all, you get peace of mind knowing your install’s going to be done right the first time.

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