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flexible solar panels


Our lightweight, flexible and powerful solar technology provides the design versatility that makes integration with a variety of applications simple — thus offering a powerful and aesthetic solution to meet the challenges of growing markets.


Ultra-thin. Remarkably lightweight. Flexible form factor. Solar Australia Systems leads the way with a line of thin-film CIGS lightweight photovoltaic (LPV) solar cells that adapt to virtually limitless site-specific applications.

Thin-film solar cells utilize only a 1-4 µm-thick layer of semiconducting material to produce electricity, thus requiring less processing and fewer materials. These cost-saving alternatives also offer another important advantage as compared to wafer-based modules in that they can be used in a wide range of applications. Thin-film solar cells employ lightweight, flexible substrates, making them ideal for advanced applications such as building-integrated photovoltaics. What’s more, because of the lightweight form factor, the costs of balance-of-system (BOS) components (such as mounting hardware, wiring, combiners and other electronic hardware) are comparatively lower than other PV devices.


The power of our products is evident in their integrity. From day one, our singular focus has been to achieve unrivaled performance and reliability. To maintain our position as an industry innovator and leader, Solar Australia Systems will continue to maintain rigorous quality control while pursuing continuous, data-driven improvement in both lab and field operations.


While the sun is obviously the source of our power, it’s important to state that the strength of our products and partners is in full force twenty-four hours a day — rain or shine. Because of our technology’s high-absorption coefficient, you can be confident that Solar Australia solar systems will deliver reliable performance, whatever the weather, consistently from the moment they are installed. In fact, our SCE Pomona test site confirms irradiance, power and efficiency at five-minute data intervals — demonstrating that Solar Australia technology delivers expected power and efficiency on cloudy days too.

At Solar Australia, reliability and consistency is truly the foundation of our success and your satisfaction. Our reference site installations continue to validate strong overall performance of energy generated per unit area. And, of great significance, our CIGS-based modules prove to have the highest power density as compared to other technologies. In addition, our lightweight, non-penetrating product design promises rapid installation. The combination of low installed cost and high power density results in a low levelized cost of energy and superior financial returns for system owners.

Irradiance Conclusion:
Flex module array shows good performance from low irradiance < 200 W/m2 to high irradiance.


Designed specifically for large scale commercial, government and municipal roofs.

The SA1 & SA3 LPV modules are easily suited for multiple adhesive applications and/or mounting solutions, enabling rapid installation as well as low-cost system integration with a wide variety of membrane and metal substrates.

Our commitment to product quality, reliability and performance promises Solar Australia's customers and partners a robust return on investment plus stable and predictable operations and maintenance. All Solar Australia products are built to meet or exceed UL and IEC standards.

Our modules are designed for superior performance under all light conditions, including low sun angle — providing a consistent and excellent energy yield throughout the year. With an internal mandate to align our products with strict building materials industry standards, we push the limits for rigorous failure analysis. To that end, we continually subject our solar cells and modules to harsh environmental and accelerated life-cycle testing.


Solar Australia Systems SP1 and SP3 Series modules are highly suited for installation where roof integrity, weight and wind load factors are of paramount importance.

Ultra lightweight, SoloPower LPV modules are easily handled by installers and are mounted utilizing commercially available adhesives. BoS complexity, costs and installation times are reduced therefore simplifying the project.

The World’s Leader In Save Energy Solutions

Factory Certified Installation  

5 YEAR Worldwide Extended Guarantee!!

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