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solar power systems

Solar Power Systems

Power capacity 1KW to 150KW Portable solar power generators Dual axis solar power systems New generation concentrated solar power systems

At Solar Australia

We also understand the importance of creating a better future that directly benefits you. That’s why we specialize in providing a solar energy system that will significantly reduce your bills, as well as increasing the value and desirability of your home & business.

Commercial Solar Solutions

Solar Australia has been designing, integrating and servicing commercial grade solar systems For More Than 14 Years. Our experience gives us the advantage of knowing which technologies perform well in commercial environments and which technologies do not.
As a business owner, we know your time is valuable so we’ve spent more than a decade evaluating the products that we offer so you don’t have to. Everything from the quality of the individual cells that go into each solar module to the grade of the stainless steel nuts and bolts that are used in our mounting systems are evaluated for performance and reliability.
When we place our signatures on a customer’s contracts, we’re staking our hard won reputation that our system designers have chosen the very finest , state of the art products that are available on today’s market. We have never and will never compromise quality to be competitive on a bid. This is why our customers have referred our services to others time and time again

Well Established And Well Experienced

Solar Australia has long been a recognized leader in the area of offering our customers the very best in service related matters.

We maintain a state of the art repair facility which specializes in the repair and maintenance of several major brands of solar and inverter products and our design team is legendary at providing real world solutions for the solar energy industry.

Whether your requirement is measured in kilowatts or megawatts, we’re ready and waiting to be of service.

We Know Solar

We design and service what we sell.

The staff in our technical services department know solar inside and out, right down to the last diode and field effect transistor. Whether you need a system engineered for a specialized application or your existing system is in need of service, we do it all in-house with the latest in design techniques and the latest in high tech test equipment.

Large Commercial and Government Solar Energy Solutions

 The Most Energy, The Greatest Savings

 Solar Australia has combined the most experienced team of solar installation experts on the planet with record-breaking high efficiency solar panel technology.

 The result? Turnkey solar solutions for businesses and government agencies designed with one goal in mind: to deliver the most solar energy possible.

 We understand that when our solar systems deliver the most energy, our customers realize the greatest total savings on energy costs.

 Now it’s your turn. Your turn to cut energy costs, lock-in energy rates and seize energy independence with a commercial solar solution from Solar Australia

The World’s Leader In Save Energy Solutions

Factory Certified Installation  

5 YEAR Worldwide Extended Guarantee!!

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