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DC solar powered Gas operated AC operated New generation save energy technology Commercial models available

Solar Refrigerator Technology

It utilizes liquid circulation cooling system, which is the patented technology. The unique cooling system is one of the key reasons that makes our portable fridge/freezer to have the greatest cooling performance. Our Save Energy Engineers are ready to customize our solar fridge technology to yr specific commercial project request!

A proven, environmentally friendly solution that eliminates high electricity bills

CoolairAustralia offers an entire line of solar powered refrigerators, solar powered fridge-freezer, solar powered freezers and our newest addition the solar powered medical refrigerator. All our units are dc powered and can operate independent of the electric grid. Requiring as little as 45W of power the entire line of dc powered solar refrigerators can operate using a single solar panel and a single battery. All units can work with either a 12V or 24V battery and can provide multiple days of operation on a single charge. If electricity is available, an optional ac adapter may be added to provide additional security and backup power in case the batteries are fully discharged.


The entire line of dc powered solar refrigerators operate fully on dc power. What this means is that you do not require an inverter to operate our solar powered refrigerators. Ideally suited for off grid locations or locations where power interruptions are common and daily occurrences. Now you can keep your food fresh and safe even if your power is unreliable. The solar powered refrigerator may be used in boats, RV's campgrounds, etc. The solar fridge can easily replace a propane or generator powered refrigerator. By using a dc powered solar refrigerator, you can save 100's of dollars a year in lowered electricity costs or fuel bills.


The newest products in our line up of dc powered solar refrigerators is the medical refrigerators and freezers. The medical lineup includes products with digital programmable thermometers with multiple alarms. Data loggers allow these products to record the temperature at regular intervals throughout the day. The units may be placed vertically or horizontally and have a lockable door. Ideally suited for storage or blood, vaccines, medicines and tissue samples. The solar medical refrigerators are ideally suited for countries and remote locations where power is not easily available or unreliable. If you run a medical clinic, a local pharmacy, a hospital or even a mobile medical clinic the solar powered medical refrigerator may be just the product you are looking for.


We have a large selection of solar refrigerators, freezers, medical refrigerators, etc. of various sizes to meet your needs. Sizes vary from as small as 45 liters to our largest freezer which is 318 liters. The solar showcase is ideal for displaying cold drinks and chilled beer and is perfectly suited for locations where a chilled drink is a perfect solution to a hot summer day.

DC Compressor Car Freezers

With DC compressor, temperature rang +10C TO -18C.

This DC appliance can be powered by the vehicle’s battery directly, so it’s perfect for car use to transfer and keep all the goods, as you like.

The freezer has automatic cut out at 11.2V to prevent the vechicle’s battery being discharged. Two rooms divides the contents

DC Compressor Solar Fridges

Cooling performance: 0-10C for the fridge compartment. Max-18C for the freezer compartment at 30C ambient temperature.

Both refrigeration compartment and freezer compartment are available. Automatically turn off when low input voltage to protect product.

Connect with DC power source directly, or connect with AC power source through an AC/DC adapt-or

Top Door Solar Freezers

With DC compressor, single top door and door lock.
Temperature rang: +10C to -18C.
Connect to DC 12V or DC 24V directly e. G. Solar power source or can use 240v mains electric with an optional adaptor.

The freezer has automatic cut out at 11.2v to prevent the vehicle’s battery being discharged.
With Mechanical -thermostat temperature controller

The World’s Leader In Save Energy Solutions

Factory Certified Installation  

5 YEAR Worldwide Extended Guarantee!!

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