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Thermoinsulated Cladding

Unique…! Worldwide patented…! Energy Saving environmental protection.. External wall insulating cladding materials: Marble stone, Granite Stone, Tile Aluminum alloy imitation stone Ultra thin sand stone imitation double cement back based lining cement panel

Birth Of New Building Materials, Building Energy Efficiency

Energy Saving Cladding

The surface layer of natural granite stone,tile, etc, in the layer of XPS or PU insulation, through the process linked to the construction adhesive, paste in the external walls of buildings, not only embodies the high-end natural stone, beauty, but also realize the building’s functional requirements for insulation , the cost equivalent to the traditional practice of 1/3-1/2, simple construction, excellent security. Our products have international patents and relevant quality standards, more importantly, has become standardized by many Architectural Design Office compiled Atlas of standardized design and application in 2010.

Energy Saving Cladding Advantages

 The overall stone and insulation board adhesive, bolt and back the stone wall by chemical combination of direct, XPS or PUR insulation board sided dovetail special structure, four stainless steel pendant, and other special measures to ensure the overall safety of the stone installation .
 Due to the cell surface of the stone panels mounted independently and not subject to the keel of the Siamese influence, greatly improving the overall safety of the wall.
 Stone surfaces and the overall XPS or PUR insulation board adhesive, there is no cavity, greatly improve the impact resistance.
 The stone is hard, brittle material, the insulation board is a combination of both soft ductile materials to achieve both the insulation function, but also to maximize the protection of the stone.

Frequent Ask most important question?
Is The Polyurethane Used Flammable?

Different types of the combustion properties of polyurethane are different, the most common, such as polyurethane foam, is also divided into soft, rigid, semi-rigid, with its combustion performance is different; even the same type of foam, according to different formulas, the combustion performance is different, according to GB8624-1997 flame retardant up to B1, B2 combustible, B3 flammable three, passed by the polyurethane foam is not flammable.
We place the International industry standard specifications according to different requirements, can produce flame retardant B1, B2 combustible polyurethane foam. plus at the back side of XPS or PU foam we place a fire proof panel sheet.


The Applications Engineering team at CoolairAustralia collects detailed data on your location and makes specific recommendations, taking into account the processes, machinery, equipment and plans for the space. The team then generates professional layouts using the latest drafting software and estimates energy savings for projects.

CoolairAustralia has more than 30 design team members on staff, with diverse backgrounds and expertise in every aspect of our business, from installation to architecture, they have the training to solve the toughest customer problems.  ready to assist you during any stage of the design process – from initial designs to final installation,  anything you need to simplify a project.

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