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CoolairAustralia’s Dehumidifiers

Are one of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce relative humidity in the basement, crawlspace or throughout the entire home or commercial place. Our dehumidifiers are constructed to be used as stand alone dehumidifiers or duct ed directly into your

H VAC system as a whole home solution.

Strong Dehumidifying + Cooling function

65 up to 650 liters per day

Cooling & Dehumidifying for Wide Space

Thanks to High & Low Pressure gauges, able to see the stable operating.

Maximum Air Flow Capacity compared to same products

Auto drain pump installed

Water is automatically released thanks to auto drain pump installed inside the unit

Sturdy castors

Anti corrosion high strength material

Convenient self fixing device installed

Digital controllers

On/Off timer function

Error message display function

Save Energy HAVAC Building & Industrial Systems

We can design, replace, or upgrade your existing dehumidifying equipment to optimize the performance of your facility, whether you have one building or multiple sites. We can assess your facility’s energy needs and install and service energy saving solutions including our various dehumidifying models. Our Comprehensive services span both existing buildings and new construction and include:

 Sustainable building consulting / energy modeling,
 New building commissioning, building turnover services, energy procurement consulting,
 Bench-marking and conservation opportunities, existing building commissioning,
 Energy performance testing, and turnkey project implementation.

Our Most Popular Selling Units Are The Commercial Dehumidifiers.

These heavy duty units are are constructed of a dent-resistant, nearly unbreakable plastic. They are primarily used for restoration and water damage projects where maximum drying in a rugged or contaminated environment is a necessity.

Many come with built in condensate pumps, operate in temperatures as low as 33F, and offer higher water extraction rates than typical home dehumidifiers. Most are stackable so that you can use more than in any area while utilizing vertical space.

Ideal for the cleanup of “gray water” our product range has a dehumidifier for nearly any restoration or water damage project. We offer a Comparison Chart to give a simple breakdown of each model’s features and specifications.

The World’s Leader In Save Energy Solutions

Factory Certified Installation  

5 YEAR Worldwide Extended Guarantee!!

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