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Multi split Airconditioners

New SUPER Inverter Multi series can be connected to up to 8 indoor units and offers you a richer choice of compatible indoor units. Advanced technology has also improved COP and reduced sound levels.

Cooling capacity 18,000 BTU to 180,000 BTU

CoolairAustralia’s wall mounted air conditioners offer the utmost in versatility in solving your cooling and heating needs. By utilizing environmentally friendly R-410a refrigerant and SUPER DC Inverter technology, the Coolair Super invert er multi wall mounted air conditioner, automatically adjusts its performance to meet the changing needs of the space while maintaining the desired temperature. This leads to increased efficiencies, low energy consumption and a very comfortable environment.

Energy Savings With High-Efficiency Inverter

The outdoor unit is equipped with a reluctance DC scroll compressor that utilizes the latest technology. It brings out the full energy-saving potential of the inverter, which controls power used in accordance with load variation

New Compact Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is easy to install in stores and offices where space is limited.

Enhanced Comfort With Super Inverter

Comfortable air conditioning is achieved through variable output control made possible by the inverter, which continually maintains the set temperature while detecting load, which varies with time of day and number of room occupants.

The World’s Leader In Save Energy Solutions

Factory Certified Installation  

5 YEAR Worldwide Extended Guarantee!!

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