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The Most Efficient Commercial Aircondition In The World

Cooling Capacity 25KW to 150KW

That uses, up to 90% less energy compared to any other system on planet earth, can be operated effectively with open doors and windows, operates without compressor to combine cooling and HRV ventilating technology in one unit, is specially made for sea side restaurants, cafeterias with open spaces, hotel lobby’s,​​​ gyms, supermarkets and so many other projects

Adjustable & Custom made Functions according to each customer projects needs for :

PRE-COOLING existing fresh air intakes or ventilation for commercial, Industrial or HORECA applications


Combine complimentary devices for adding moisture

  • Pre-cools fresh air before it enters the refrigeration plant

  • Significantly lowers the load on compressors

  • Increases cooling capacity as temperature rises

  • Drier return air can be pre-cooled to generate more efficiency

  • Easy to retrofit to existing plant

  • New refrigeration equipment can be smaller due to working with less load

HYBRID STAND ALONE COOLING specifically for hot & humid environments with integrating our additional Award Winning products such as solar thermal & Liquid desiccant dehumidifiers & Solar duct-ed air conditioners range.


Combine complimentary devices for removing moisture

  • hybrid solar or 100% off the grid 

    air conditioners
  • High capacity airflows and cooling

  • High Volume Modules incorporate multiple heat exchanger cores housed in large metal cabinets

  • Can either be kerb or plinth mounted

  • Each Chillair incorporates both supply and exhaust fans under independent control

  • Bespoke high volume Chillair machines available upon request

SUPPLEMENTARY COOLING to already installed refrigerated systems for commercial, Industrial & HORECA applications


Combine complimentary devices for adding moisture

  • Significant load reduction for compressors

  • Optimises available footprint

  • Delivers the right amount of dry fresh air

What Is Chill Air?

Chill Air is a completely new category of commercial cooling – a high performance indirect evaporate Air conditioner. ​​It uses the same principles as traditional evaporate cooling but it does not water to the air as it cools. ​This mean that Chill Air’s cooling performance can rival those of refrigerated systems, using up to 90% less energy. That’s not only great to reducing power bill but it is also great for environment. And no matter how hot it gets outside, Chill Air uses the same amount of power​​ and still delivers amazingly cool air inside. Moreover its combined HRV technology enables ventilation of the​​ applied space without loosing the cooling effect. 90% of the cooling it is reversed in the indoor fresh air.

How Does It Work?

It works by drawing in hot outside air and passing it through a series of wet channels and dry channels. This allows natural evaporation to cool the air. ​​Warm moist air is expelled while cooled, but otherwise unchanged air it is delivered in the building.

Chill out your commercial Cooling costs?

It’s hard to stay cool when your bottom line is working overtime on cooling costs. Our new, patented technology can help. It uses 60 to 90 percent less energy than traditional methods. Other air conditioners, can use as much as 30,000 watts of power. Compare that to just 1000 watts to run a Chillair air conditioner. The less energy you use, the less you pay for—dramatically lowering your cooling costs. In many cases our air conditioners save enough to pay for themselves in just two years. You’ll also save money on upkeep because our unique designs are virtually maintenance free. Now that’s cool!

Chillair sample case study pdf
in a hot & humid environment for 24 hrs constant temperature operation

The World’s Leader In Save Energy Solutions

Factory Certified Installation  

5 YEAR Worldwide Extended Guarantee!!

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