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heat block coating

Transparent Heat Insulating Coating

Amazing Benefits: High light transmission – allows through 92% of visible light (as tested on pane glass)
Low thermal conductivity – ISO testing result 34.8% reduced thermal flow
Reduced building energy consumption and emissions by 30-40%s

How It Works

Green House Australia’s coating converts glass into radiant heat traps, capable of regulating the interior temperature of buildings. ​​By applying a single layer (8 microns thin) to a window, this coating reduces heat transfer, making it optimal for both hot and cold climates.
​​This innovative product is based on nanotechnology which works on the principle of High Emissivity [High – E].


In the summer, it absorbs solar bands of light and uses them to heat glass. This creates a thermal barrier which reduces solar heat gain.


In the winter, it preserves interior heat using a thermal barrier created by the convective heat from a building’s heating ventilation system.


Green House Nano coating Saves Energy by reducing cooling and heating requirements by more than 30% and Increases comfort by giving you the best of what the sun has to offer.

Save Energy, Save Money, Start Now​!

CoolairAustralia has harnessed the potential of nanotechnology to patent invisible barrier coating technology.

Imagine what could happen if the whole world painted it on?

Energy Savings. Asset Protection. Saving our Earth.

That’s right, it’s that simple for you and that powerful for the world.

Did we mention that it pays-for-itself with the cost savings? Brilliant!

​ Reduces cooling costs by 20%-40%
 Reduces total energy consumption
 Blocks up to 70% of infrared heat
 Blocks up to 90% ultra violet light
 Allows 70% of visible light
 Reduces glare
 Guaranteed not to crack, bubble or peel and to maintain effectiveness for 15 years

Sit Back, Relax
Let Us Handle Things

We offer Factory Certified turnkey installation. We handle the design and  installation, so you can handle the rest of your job. We work around your schedule, we’re in and out in no time, and we clean up after ourselves. All you have to worry about is—actually, scratch that, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

You get a dedicated CoolairAustralia’s  project manager, who handles every last detail of your project as soon as you get in touch with us. You get the expertise of our Engineer Experts and our Factory Certified Installation team, made up of elite, highly trained professionals who know our products inside and out—and love nothing more than installing them the right way.


Most of all, you get peace of mind knowing your install’s going to be done right the first time.

Your success is our success. Let’s do it together. Today!

Thermal Insulation and Energy Savings

Mold and Mildew Resistant

Lead Encapsulation

Reduce Carbon Footprint and Green House Gases (GHG)

Increased Asset Lifespan

Resistant to UV and Color Fade

Protects From Sea Spray and Salt Air

Corrosion and CUI Resistance

Easy Application

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