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building panels

Cooling & Heating Power Walls

Manufactured locally within Australia, in a quality controlled, air conditioned environment  our EPS  supplied panels have superior insulating qualities that provide more than 3x the insulation properties than Brick veneer.


Our Products are Cost-effective & Energy Efficient

We use MSIP - metal sleeve structural insulated panels for constructing frameless buildings. The metal sleeves are self load bearing and fit into each other tongue-and-groove style to create an airtight structure.  The inside of these panel sleeves  are filled with an insulating core which works as a web and strengthens  the overall rigidity.


Not only are our construction costs competitive with traditional wood-frame, steel-frame, concrete-block, or other masonry construction, but the high insulation value, durability and

low maintenance provides exception value for money , both initially and over the 50yr plus guaranteed life of the construction, from saved heating costs.   

Our products are widely used in public buildings, industrial premises, trade marts, gyms, cold storages, warehouses, schools, storey-adding , structures, high-end prefab houses and kiosks & booths, schools, accommodations and etc

The panel buildings revolution
Studies prove that up to 75% of a traditional building’s thermal energy is lost through framing members (Heat Bridges).  Our frame less construction does not provide a conductive path for thermal energy, which results in substantially higher overall thermal insulation values than other  forms of construction.


In fact, our panels  deliver more than twice the practical thermal insulation than the traditional building construction, thus  drastically reducing  your heating & cooling costs.


We reduce  HVAC  costs by 10-40% and support LEED  Green certification.

Even in the most extreme climates - hot, cold, windy, or wet, our EPS panel’s insulation core requires no additional insulating materials or vapour barriers.



Our professionally designed EPS  panel and structurally sound steel fabrication makes our buildings virtually maintenance-free.



 The core is tightly bound and water impermeable inside the wall, roof and floor assemblies; ideal for flood prone regions and coastal homes where moisture is a problem.

The average water absorption rate by volume is less than 0.7%, meaning the panels are essentially “waterproof”.  Water penetration through the 4” thick panel is zero..



Particularly important in humid and flood-prone regions, our panels create an airtight and water impermeable bond that virtually eliminates the mold and mildew that can destroy a home or business.

Our construction may also reduce insurance  costs and sick days associated with mold growth.        



Even when left bare (unfinished), the standard surfaces resist acids, bases, moisture and all other sources of corrosion.



Our lightweight panels make it easy for construction crews to move it into place.  At just 3 pounds per square foot (14kg/sqm) and requiring no heavy metal or wood frame,  an entire two-story building can be shipped on a single truck.


The lightweight and high-strength feature  of the panels also makes it easier than traditional materials to transport over highways and to remote areas.

For very remote sites, helicopter delivery of entire buildings is  most practical.



Our panels conform to ASTM E-84 (Class 1). In addition to providing additional safety to people and assets, this feature makes our building material ideal for arid or remote areas with limited water supply.



Our building material surfaces are Acid, Base & solvent resistant.



Dramatically faster and lower construction costs mean lower labour, site insurance, equipment rental and shipping costs.


Energy efficient, durable and low maintenance, means lower HVAC and insurance costs for owner/occupants or increased bottom line profit for landlords.



We create a virtually soundproof environment, even when used in the noisiest industrial and urban environments.



Our products are widely used in public buildings, industrial premises, trade marts, gyms, cold storages, warehouses, schools, storey-adding , structures, high-end prefab houses and kiosks & booths, schools, accommodations and etc

Sit Back, Relax
Let Us Handle Things

We offer Factory Certified turnkey installation. We handle the design and  installation, so you can handle the rest of your job. We work around your schedule, we’re in and out in no time, and we clean up after ourselves. All you have to worry about is—actually, scratch that, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

You get a dedicated CoolairAustralia’s  project manager, who handles every last detail of your project as soon as you get in touch with us. You get the expertise of our Engineer Experts and our Factory Certified Installation team, made up of elite, highly trained professionals who know our products inside and out—and love nothing more than installing them the right way.


The Applications Engineering team at CoolairAustralia collects detailed data on your location and makes specific recommendations, taking into account the processes, machinery, equipment and plans for the space. The team then generates professional layouts using the latest drafting software and estimates energy savings for projects.

CoolairAustralia has more than 30 design team members on staff, with diverse backgrounds and expertise in every aspect of our business, from installation to architecture, they have the training to solve the toughest customer problems.  ready to assist you during any stage of the design process – from initial designs to final installation,  anything you need to simplify a project.

Most of all, you get peace of mind knowing your install’s going to be done right the first time.


The World’s Leader In Save Energy Solutions

Factory Certified Installation  

5 YEAR Worldwide Extended Guarantee!!

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