5 green energy innovations that could change the world

March 22, 2018

Innovations in energy storage, smart grid, and electricity generation technologies will affect every part of the source-to-consumer supply chain for powering the planet.


Energy storage tech improves the viabilities of wind and solar power - two energy sources that remain cost prohibitive due to expenses related to batteries that would store generated energy.

Smart grids will regulate the movement of energy throughout a city or state, insuring the areas from crippling blackouts.


Developments in electricity generation make sure we make the most out of fossil fuels and other energy sources to improve efficiency.


What follows is a survey of progress in the development of five different technologies that promise to change the face of the energy industry in the next 20 years.


1. Fuel Cell: Truck manufacturers Kenworth, Toyota, and UPS have begun investing in fuel cell technologies, which would allow transport vehicles to run on hydrogen and oxygen, releasing only heat and water as emissions. Modern hydrogen production still requires copious fossil fuel use, but the process could soon be powered by renewable energies, making fuel cell vehicles extremely clean alternatives to current