Australia’s First Off-The-Grid Solar-Powered High-Rise Planned In Melbourne

Australia will soon get its first ‘substantially off-the-grid building’ with a new solar-powered high-rise apartment tower being designed in Southbank, Melbourne. The building site at 42-48 Moray Street directly abuts the King Street off-ramp of the West Gate Freeway.

Designed by Peddle Thorp Architects, the 60-level skyscraper building, named Sol Invictus Tower will use solar cells on the glass facade to generate green energy, which will be stored in batteries to provide off-the-grid power to its residents. The facade is expected to house about 3000sqm of solar panels, with an extra 300 square metres on the roof.

Peter Brook from Peddle Thorp explains that the use of solar cells on the facade will create a greater surface area for catching the sun’s rays. The building has been designed with a curved exterior to capture the sun’s movement from east to west throughout the day.