Deep green in the deep south: The Commons heads to Hobart

Four years ago, a residential housing project in the youthful Melbourne suburb of Brunswick took the country by storm. Designed by Breathe Architecture and developed by Small Giants Developments, The Commons was hailed as a radical new approach to sustainability. Completed in 2013, it didn’t take long for estimations about the project to be proven true. The Commons subsequently laid the foundation for the innovative Nightingale model of development, which is still being rolled out across the country. But even prior to that, The Commons lit up the sustainable building awards circuit, notably taking out the prestigious Best of the Best award at the 2014 Sustainability Awards. That same year, it also received the top prize at the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards.

Cut to 2017, and The Commons is back on the move. The vertical community, which is defined by shared facilities and self-sufficient systems, is now heading to Hobart to provide the southernmost capital with a new benchmark for sustainable inner-city living.