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New rezoning proposal for Telopea includes boost for social housing

NSW minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts, and minister for Social Housing, Pru Goward, have jointly released a rezoning proposal designed to transform Telopea, 4km from Sydney’s second CBD, Parramatta, with a range of new homes and an upgraded town center.

Including plans for improved open spaces, a new community center and a potential new town center alongside the upcoming new light-rail stop, the Telopea proposal will have thousands of new social and private homes built at the site.

“The Parramatta Light Rail will become the catalyst for the renewal of this neighborhood along the new light rail route,” Roberts says.

“This is a great opportunity to upgrade social housing and unlock additional housing supply in a renewed Telopea that is well-connected, diverse and cohesive, as well as being an attractive place to live,” he says.

“Telopea will be the next major Communities Plus precinct, with a mix of brand new social, affordable and private dwellings that will transform the lives of people living in social housing,” Goward says.

Accoroidng to a NSW Department of Planning and Environment spokesperson, this project supports the NSW government’s broader agenda to revitalise Telopea by providing new social, affordable and private housing supported by adequate infrastructure.

"Of the rezoning proposal for up to 4,500 new homes, 30 percent are for new social housing and 70 percent for affordable and private housing," the spokesperson says.

"The Parramatta Light Rail will replace the heavy rail by 2023 and become the catalyst for the renewal of this neighborhood and offer residents direct access for the first time to the fast-growing Parramatta CBD," the spokesperson says.

"A preliminary traffic and transport assessment has identified opportunities to improve east-west connectivity across the new rail line, while further specialist traffic studies will be completed following the exhibition, and the results will be used to determine the upgrades needed to support the rezoning," says the spokesperson.

"The NSW State Government has allocated approximately $5 million in Precinct Support Scheme funding towards upgrading local infrastructure – such as parks and streetscapes – in the Telopea precinct to directly benefit the community," the spokesperson added.

The rezoning proposal will be on public exhibition until 24 November.

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