Green architecture is inevitable if we are to fight climate change while urbanising

The Bullitt Centre in Seattle, Washington, the most sustainable building in the world, took pro-climate construction one step further. With the objective of proving its commitment to the environment, the Bullitt Foundation included 17 unique and innovative features such as the greywater system – which collects wastewater and purifies it by pumping the water through an artificial wetland before sending it back into the groundwater table, a 14,000 square foot canopy of solar panels to help achieve net zero energy and composting toilets, all of which acquired it a “living building” certification. It even hosts a building management system that automatically opens windows for cooling or kickstarts the intricate underground heating/cooling apparatus that runs on minimal electricity. Furthermore, to promote a healthy lifestyle for their employees, the centre encourages them to cycle to work, made easier by its location which is conveniently accessible by public transport, walk, and bicycles. The Bullitt Centre, with its meticulously planned futuristic design minimises environmental damage in every way possible.