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Sustainability Live sets the tone for future industry events

Sustainability Live 2017, the inaugural architecture, design, engineering and construction industry education and CPD event, hosted by Architecture & Design proved to be very popular for the more than 200-plus people that attended the event, held last Thursday, 26 October at Doltone House in Sydney.

Configured as a Q & A format, the day-long program consisted of seven industry-specific panels filled by highly respected and experienced architects, designers, engineers, builders, product manufacturers and installers, who discussed and dissected a range of ideas, views, trends and outcomes.

The panels were themed to synch with the categories in the 2017 Sustainability Awards program that was held later that evening, providing attendees a window into a range of industry-specific issues.

The panels were: Biophilia and the greening of the public space, Sustainability through the chain, The power of passive, The healthy home, Sustainability of scale, Innovating sustainable building products, and lastly, Preserving our past, Building our future.

However, the panels were also only half the story - special mention needs to be made of the moderators, all of which added another level of professional gravitas to this well-structured forum.

The moderators for the day were: Caroline Pidcock - Director, PIDCOCK Architecture & Sustainability, Robin Mellon - CEO, Supply Chain Sustainability School, Moderator: Kirsty Sier - deputy editor, Architecture & Design, Jamileh Jahangiri - architect, Tanner Kibble Denton Architects, Shaila Divakarla - standards & technical manager, GECA, Michael Manikas, head of Industry Development, Green Building Council of Australia, and Sharon Veale, Chief Executive Officer and partner at GML Heritage.

With the opportunity to gain six CPD points by engaging in the day-long presentations, the educational nature of the day was highlighted by the in-depth, and at times, spontaneous audience participation during question time.

Several attendees noted that this kind of Q & A panel was very useful for the industry, with one attendee saying she thought the Sustainability Live is an event that should be “taken all around Australia.”

According to Sharon Veale, CEO of architecture firm GML Heritage and the moderator of the last panel discussion, “For me, it was a great insight into how design professionals understand and are approaching sustainability in practice.”

Group sales manager for Architecture & Design, Adrian Wilson, says one reason for the success of this inaugural Sustainability Live discussion panel was due to the need for high-level, informative and engaging industry-wide discussion, something that Architecture & Design has pioneered, and continues to promote.

“As market leaders in the architecture and design information space, providing a platform for the industry to articulate and resolve important issues is something that we will be doing more of.”

Wilson also noted that planning has already started for Sustainability Live 2018.

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