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Brisbane Airport goes big solar

Brisbane Airport will boast the largest solar array of any airport in the southern hemisphere following the announcement that it is instaling 6MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) system at six sites across the airport.

Comprising 22,000 solar panels to be installed over an area of 36,000m, the renewable energy project at the airport will be capable of producing more than 9,315,000KW of solar power each year.

The international terminal at Brisbane will be integrated with a 1.98MW solar power system, which will feature a total of 7,133 PV panels covering an area of more than 11,675m.

Brisbane Airports Corporation Assets general manager Krishan Tangri said: “We are in the enviable position of having thousands of square metres of un-impeded roof space ideal for solar harvesting and, with systems becoming more efficient and more affordable to install, it makes financial sense to invest in this readily available supply of renewable energy to save costs and decrease our carbon footprint.”

“Once fully operational, the new system will account for 18% of BAC’s direct electricity consumption, or 6% of our total consumption, further complementing the savings we’re making through air conditioning control optimisation, lighting control upgrades and LED technology within BAC buildings, car parks and street lighting.”

The annual solar power generation from the installation will be equivalent to the electricity supply to more than 1,700 homes across Australia for one year.

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