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New Year’s weather forecast for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide

HEADING out New Year’s Eve? Planning on spending the next day by the water recovering?

Whatever you decide to do will depend on which state you’re in with a mixture of storms, a possible cyclone and some pretty hot weather set to hit Australia.

Brisbane looks set to cop some rain on New Year’s Eve with showers and possible storms.

Sydney will have a rainy start to NYE but the showers are expected to clear in time for the firework displays.

Melbourne can expect warm and mild conditions with little chance of rain over these two days.

Adelaide, which has been scorching hot, is due for some milder weather in time for New Year’s while Perth is expecting hot and sunny conditions in the lead up to NYD and NYE.

Sarah Fitton from the BOM’s extreme weather desk said southern Australia, and in particular Victoria, can expect some milder temperatures compared to the extreme heat of recent days.

However other parts of Australia weren’t looking as stable.

“Southeast QLD is catching the remnants of a cold front which is moving southeast, creating quite a lot of moisture,” she said.

“This makes it perfect (conditions) for storms.”

Ms Fitton also warned a tropical low over WA could extend into central and southern Australia.

Brisbane can expect between 3-10mm of rain on NYE and 5-20mm on NYD.

Sydney can expect between 1-3mm of rain on both NYE and NYD.

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