NEW Heat pump VRF system by CoolairAustralia

September 11, 2017

New system with Variable Refrigerant Flow that strategically provides economically precise, individual comfort control to multiple spaces


  1. ENERGY EFFICIENCY – INVERT ER-driven compressor technology, R2-Series can simultaneously heat and cool, virtually eliminating duct loss.

  2. ZONED COMFORT – Each individual zone can have personalized comfort as the system delivers the right amount of refrigerant to precisely meet the load in a space.

  3. QUIET OPERATION – Indoor and outdoor units are so quiet that they can be placed just about anywhere, giving you more flexibility on how to use indoor and outdoor space. Outdoor units can even be placed directly under a window and quiet indoor units are perfect in environments that require minimal disruption like schools, places or worship, libraries and more.

  4. SYSTEM SIMPLICITY – CoolairAustralia’s Cooling & Heating’s two-pipe system is simpler to install and service. Routine maintenance consists of changing filters and cleaning coils.

  5. AESTHETICS – HVAC systems don’t have to get in the way of design. Small outdoor units provide for flexibility of placement and indoor units can be painted to blend in with your environment.

  6. LOWER LIFE CYCLE COST- Operate with minimum energy usage. Only service the zones that ne